Roncalli Viaggi



Trees Funded

Roncalli Viaggi is an Italian Travel Agency. They are a team of highly qualified and specialized individuals in the tourism sector. Operating in Bergamo for over 25 years, they specialize in incentive travel for companies, business travel, individual and honeymoon trips, group travel, and golf trips.

They work to ensure maximum satisfaction for their clients worldwide. They respect regulations to ensure maximum safety and adhere to all legal requirements to offer peace of mind.

Roncalli Viaggi is certified as a Sustainable Travel Agency by the World Sustainability Organization, and it joins the 1 Guest 1 Tree Planted project, planting 1 tree in Central Africa with the World Sustainability Foundation for every trip purchased by its customers and pledges to donate a portion of its annual revenue from incentive trips to plant trees.

Collaboration start date: 1 April 2024

Would you like to join the 1 Guest 1 Tree Planted project and plant your own tree?