Golden Sea Villas



Trees Funded

Golden Sea Villas is a small residential complex of 4 Villas located in the area of New Golden Beach of Paros, Greece, 100 meters from the sea. It is ideal for families or couples who are looking for a luxury and relaxing vacation next to the sea.

The four Villas are designed to provide a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. They are built with traditional ecological materials such as local stone, wood, and marble and are fully equipped so to provide memories and experiences that will last forever.

​All villas have unlimited views of the sea and the island of Naxos. ​The complex offers a big garden, and parking facilities as well as a large common yard with a large swimming pool.

Golden Sea Villas proudly joins the 1 Guest 1 Tree Planted project. Thanks to this collaboration, the World Sustainability Foundation plants trees in Central Africa, supports local communities, tackles climate change, and advances conservation projects.

Collaboration start date: 24 January 2024

Golden villas
Goldenseavillas_ (2)
Golden villas inside

Would you like to join the 1 Guest 1 Tree Planted project and plant your own tree?